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Our Fascilities - PT. Persada Aqua Fauna
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Our Facilities

PT. Persada Aqua Fauna is a company which is really concerning about quality, so that we always said that QUALITY IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY.


Quarantine Area

For making sure that the fishes are going to be accepted in a good an healthy conditions, firstly we do the quarantine before we on special quarantine tanks and give shipped them. We put the fishes them some special treatments in order to minimize D.O.A.(Death of Arrival) level. We have a quality control system that allowed us to identify which fishes are in bad condition and which fishes are in good condition.


Stocking Area

With our highly supported facilities, it is very possible for us to maintain a certain level of inventories. We could have a large amount of fishes in our inventory tanks and aquariums.


Packing Area

By the technique which we designed, and also by a very good filtering and airator system we could do the packing quickly and acurately.


Aquatic Plant Area

We could grow aquatic plants in a various species, which is supported by the good environmental condition in our farm.

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